Lightning talks I

Room: Auditorium B

Friday, 14:30
Duration: 20 minutes (plus Q&A)

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Lightning talks

AddressForAll Institute

by Thierry Jean

ImproveOSM new data dumps

by Beata Tautan-Jancso

The ImproveOSM platform is a suite of tools to share various mapping tasks containing potentially missing one-way tags, turn restrictions, and roads from the OpenStreetMap. The ImproveOSM data is also available as frequent data dumps in CSV format.

Geohash plugin

by Beata Tautan-Jancso, Nicoleta Viregan

Geohash is a plugin available in the JOSM tool, which comes to be handy for some of you who work in precise areas based on geohash units. The plugin displays a layer of grids on top of the map layer. In addition to the visualization feature, the plugin offers extra functionalities, and this talk aims to emphasize the diverse usages of this tool.