2022 Posters


Many followed the call for posters and the results are AMAZING. We thank all participants for the great work! Some more information can be found on our call for posters page.

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Important of OSM for Sri Lankan community


OSM Monitoring Tool

Quality Check of the Links from OpenStreetMap to Wikidata

Quantifying Europe's cycling infrastructure using OpenStreetMap

Finding Grace - Mapping huts in Northern Uganda

Using OSM for real-time crowdsourced air-quality monitoring


Mapping the Public Bus System of Minas Gerais, Brazil: Processing Difficult Datasets with OpenStreetMap

Mappers in Support of Peacekeeping

Land Cover Mapping in Africa

Change detection analysis using remote sensing and OSM: A case study of Beirut

Atlas Urbano Py: Urban characterization with OpenStreetMap and Mapillary

Will this be updated? Rethinking OSM temporal quality beyond numbers

Contributor determinants affecting data quality in OpenStreetMap: A case study for European Railway Contributors

Mapping on OpenStreetMap to improve access to health care in a rural district of Madagascar

Assessing households’ potable water access in Sibi in the Nkwanta North District - Ghana

Marinduque loop for bikers

Disaster Mapping Prioritization in OpenStreetMap

Roma settlements mapping: Community Mapping in Eastern Slovakia

Access to safe abortion in Germany

ArcGIS Renderer for OpenStreetMap

Development of UNVT Portable, a map server with OpenStreetMap pre-installed using a RaspberryPi on a local network in offline situations during disasters

Communities for Composting

Exploring Temporal Patterns of Mapper Retention in OpenStreetMap

Using OpenStreetMap to Document Invasive Species Infestations

Usage for Mapping the Historic Heritage of Cities

Taking Care of Notes

Mapeadores Livres UFPR

Rennes: The Great Fire of 1720

Mapping Stories and Memories as a Motivational Path in the Training of Vulnerable Communities Women Mappers

Clear around Ukraine and Utilize support