Innovating on derivative OpenStreetMap datasets

Room: Auditorium A

Friday, 14:30
Duration: 20 minutes (plus Q&A)

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  • Brandon Liu

OpenStreetMap consists of tagged nodes, ways and relations. Many use cases of geographic data, however, need a tabular dataset of points, lines and polygons. Processing OSM into derivative datasets is a crucial task that can benefit from new tools and formats. This talk will cover several topics around this theme, including:

  • Existing approaches such as the Export Tool
  • Why FlatGeobuf is a suitable forwards-thinking format
  • Computational challenges for processing global-scale relations
  • A new open-source program, Protoshapes, to generate admin polygons in FlatGeobuf format
  • Efficient approaches for global datasets such as coastlines, oceans, and road connectivity
  • Frequently updating datasets using the open-source OSM Express database