osm2streets: Street networks with detailed geometry

Room: Auditorium A

Sunday, 10:00
Duration: 20 minutes (plus Q&A)

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video on media.ccc.de

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  • Dustin Carlino

OpenStreetMap has many details about streets, but applications rendering or simulating lane-level detail face many challenges: determining lane properties along one street, calculating geometry of streets and junctions, handling motorway entrances, dual carriageways, dog-leg intersections, placement tags, and parallel sidewalks and cycleways. osm2streets is a new effort to produce a cleaned-up street network graph with geometry. It’s a Rust library, designed to be integrated with browser apps like iD or native/Java apps like JOSM. The goal is to consolidate community efforts to solve these data transformation problems, and to produce high-detail vector maps and apps for improving lane tagging with immediate visual feedback.

Start using this at https://osm2streets.org