Engaging in OSM

Room: Workshops and Loop-Cinema - Room 103

Saturday, 09:30
Duration: 60 minutes (plus Q&A)

Room: Online Workshops

Saturday, 16:30
Duration: 60 minutes (plus Q&A)

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  • Heather Leson
  • Kate Chapman
  • Chad Blevins
  • Allan Mustard
  • Miriam Gonzalez
  • Geoffrey Kateregga
  • Liz Barry

Across OpenStreetMap there are ways to get involved from working groups to events to boards. How can we increase and deepen participation across the world? What is the current state of engagement/governance in OSM? What do we need to do to improve? What are some of the lessons from other open organizations?

In person hosts - session 9:30 CEST - Kate Chapman, Allan Mustard, Geoffrey Kateregga, Chad Blevins, and Miriam Gonzalez

Online/Virtual Session hosts - 4:30 CEST - Heather Leson and special guest, Liz Barry, Community Council Member, GOSH (Gathering Open Science Hardware) and Director of Community Development, Public Lab https://publiclab.org/wiki/plots-staff https://openhardware.science/

Proposed Outcomes

-Inspire people to join and play a more significant role in OSM - working groups, boards, governance -Engage a larger discussion about diversity, equity, and inclusion with a shared leadership approach -Infuse the OSM network with insights from other ‘open projects’ on their insights

Notes We want to make this as accessible and inclusive as possible. Thus - calling it ‘governance’ won’t build participation. For years, there have been sessions on ‘working groups’ and ‘meet the board’ or ‘weeklyosm’. These are valuable, but we need to go broader and deeper. How can we learn about our shared network and build momentum in participation /engagement and leadership?