Electrifying OSM with RapiD and Mapillary

Room: Online Workshops

Saturday, 09:30
Duration: 60 minutes (plus Q&A)

Room: Workshops/"Loop Cinema" - Room 103

Sunday, 11:30
Duration: 60 minutes (plus Q&A)

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  • Patricia Solis
  • Christopher Beddow

RapiD is the OpenStreetMap editor that enables users to access a wide variety of shared open data and a machine learning generated predictions that can bring new detail to the map. In 2022, the team at Meta upgraded RapiD to enable users to validate and verify Mapillary detections from images and add data to OpenStreetMap. Join us in an instructional workshop and mapathon where we will learn how Youthmappers in Sierra Leone are using Mapillaryto map the power grid across the country, and how the same workflow can be applied to map electricity availability and lighting around the world, anywhere users capture Mapillary and utilize RapiD to enrich OpenStreetMap.

Please bring your own personal laptop if possible!


  • Introduce the project for utility pole/power line mapping in Sierra Leone
  • demo how to capture Mapillary imagery
  • walkthrough on how to use RapiD for adding utility poles and street lamps
  • guided mapathon with focus on Sierra Leone and option to replicate anywhere the participant wants, such as their hometown


  • projector screen
  • classroom environment good for lecture + laptop work
  • bring your own laptop + mobile phone
  • access to wifi needed (we can try to hotspot via my phone)
  • we will try to provide a few laptops, but if the venue can provide any it will be helpful for using OSM iD/RapiD